We're in production! Covid-19 in EU printer running at 40% capacity due to sickness in early July. Waiting on updated estimated ship date from printer

I wanted to leave an announcement that the tarot cards are in production, and the company in Italy notified me on July 12th that they are running at 40% capacity due to covid sickness, impacting production. Even at reduced capacity, the factory is working diligently towards completion of the Golden Eclipse tarot deck.

For those of us who are in the United States, life seems pretty much back to normal; however, in Europe covid-19 cases are on the rise due to the delta variant. Which is causing an impact. As a global community, this is something we do need to keep in mind. Even if life seems "back to normal" when we look out our own perspective windows.


Link to larger photo of conversations with printers:


Covid in the news:

The printers in Italy are a small family-owned business, and unfortunately half of their staff came down with the delta variant in early July. I am in constant communication with the printer. The printer will get back to me later next week when they are further along in the production & QC process; and after they organizing further details and dates w/ the edging company (who is producing the gold edges for the deck). When I know more I'll make an update. Currently, I am being told the deck will be ready for mid-Aug.

However, with the time that is required for production and QC for this deck, I believe it is best for the printer to focus on the health and safety of everyone, the quality of production and not rush when understaffed.

Variables & Timelines:

  • Covid. Covid cases rising can cause delays in production, shipping, general frustrations.
  • Quality Control. The printer informed me that the Golden Eclipse deck is requiring a lot of manual hours for QC (Quality Control) necessary for the production. After the deck goes through QC, they are sent to the edging company that will be producing the gold edges. The printer assured me they are working additional hours to make up for the lost time.
  • Gold edges require to be shipped out and then back to the factory. Shipping requires confirmation and completion from the edging company (renowned in Italy) producing the gold edges for the Golden Eclipse deck.
  • I can't partial ship. We explored the option of partial shipping. The deck cannot be shipped partially, because the printer signed a contract for the edging supplier and artist to do the entire batch of decks at once; and the process cannot be broken up into stages.
  • The tarot deck then goes through another stage of QC, then ships to me in New York

As for collecting your addresses for shipping. Once the decks are back at the printers after having the gold edges put on them. I will most send out the survey to verify shipping. I want everyone to feel comfortable moving to their new homes without concern. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I'm always checking the Kickstarter & messages - Marie