How do I change my shipping address?

As of Aug 2nd 2021, the Golden Eclipse tarot deck is in production, and if you have moved or in the process of moving you can do so without concern of your tarot deck being shipped to an old address. You will be notified by email to update your address, prior to shipping.


However, if you have already moved and you need to update your shipping address, go to your order page:


1) Find and open your order confirmation email 

2) Click on the button "View your order", this will bring you to your order page.



This will bring you to your order confirmation page.

3) Scroll down to Customer information, click on the button "Update Address".


4) You will then be brought to a page where you can change your shipping address.

5) Update your shipping address in the form on the left, and then click "Update Address" to save. Simple as that!