Golden Eclipse

Golden Eclipse tarot



Limited Release

Golden Eclipse Tarot: First Edition Hand-Gilded Italian Craftsmanship: This artisanal circular tarot deck combines tarot, astrology, and planetary magick. Each contains 85 double-sided gold foil and features meticulous hand-gilding crafted by the esteemed Italian gilding atelier that serves the Vatican. This deck is crafted in limited batches, requiring a minimum of six months, and is 100% ecologically produced.

The Golden Eclipse reveals detailed, fine-line illustrations. Every card contains a zodiac wheel, demystifying astrological correspondence to both the Major and Minor Arcana. The Golden Eclipse examines how these two mystic arts (Astrology and Tarot) interact, guided by the Hermetic principle 'as above, so below,' which suggests a connection between the celestial and the earthly. Understanding one system helps illuminate the other, forging a symbiotic relationship that augments and deepens your understanding of both, making this tarot deck for enthusiasts of either, or both, mystic arts. 

First Edition

  • Made in Italy
  • Hand-gilded by the gilding atelier that serves the Vatican
  • Contains 85 cards: a full set of 78 tarot cards plus 7 planetary kameas
  • Includes two variations of 'The Fool' card
  • Accompanied by seven planetary kameas with corresponding sigils for enhancing planetary magick and moon rituals. 
  • Bonus Pendulum card featuring yes/no indicators, a zodiac wheel, and the Latin alphabet

Planetary Kameas

Using the Planetary Kameas, along with The Orphic Hymns can remedy challenging aspects in a birth chart. Dating back to the late Hellenistic era, the kameas and hymns are both a form of devotion and invocation to specific planetary gods', to ask for their favor and/or attributes.             

Digital Booklet Included

A 169-page digital e-booklet complements each order. This quick-reference guide is available in EnglishEspañol or Italian     


  • Gilded decks are hand-gilded
  • Made using 100% solar energy and printed on FSC-certified paper with food-grade inks, showcasing our dedication to environmental sustainability and the health of our customers.
  • Double-sided gold foil enhanced by 'antique' gold ink overlay.
  • Responsibly printed on FSC-certified European paper, enhanced with a matte varnish and gold edges.
  • Tarot card size 4 inches (102mm dia.)
  • A robust, rigid box wrapped in black soft-touch paper embossed with gold foil. It contains OEKO-TEX® certified foam (CFC-free) and features a unique circular die-cut hole to nestle the tarot cards securely.

Tarot decks are processed for shipping within 48hrs, weekdays. Tarot decks ship from Italy.

There are no refunds, exchanges, or returns on tarot decks. Hand-gilded items with natural food-grade inks may vary slightly in color, adding to each deck's unique character. All tarot decks are shipped with insurance. On the off chance your tarot deck arrives with damage, a replacement deck or replacement for individual damaged cards can be arranged.  

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