Explore the future with the Golden Eclipse® tarot created by  Marie Satori, famous for predicting future events down to the exact date. This extraordinary tarot deck seamlessly blends tarot, astrology, and planetary magick, offering a window into the future like no other.

The origins of The Golden Eclipse tarot deck trace back to 2000. Marie Satori embarked on a journey that would lead to the creation of the Golden Eclipse tarot. From 1997 - 2013, Satori had been an integral part of the New York Renaissance Faire (NYRF), where she owned a collection of mystical stick huts along Mystics Way, a legacy bestowed upon her by one of her mentors.

Satori had been a fixture at the faire, greeting thousands of patrons each weekend with her readings. Satori's 16 years of experiences at the NYRF and her interactions with a diverse array of people fueled her imagination and creativity; observing what what captivated both paterons and fellow astrologers and psychics, drawing inspiration from these encounters. This chapter in her life laid the groundwork for The Golden Eclipse tarot deck.

In 2018, a collaboration with Carmen Seijas transformed this vision into illustrative form. On January 31, 2018, the first total lunar eclipse in more than two years occurred, the previous one being September 27-28, 2015. On this lunar eclipse, the drawings that would become the illustrations in the Golden Eclipse tarot were commenced. The illustration process took place from 2018-2021. The project originally began as a major arcana deck, just as the world began to turn inward with the onset of the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020. Each day we sat down, another image manifested. The project eventually expanded to an 85-card system to support those seeking guidance. 

Fast forward to December 2020, the project took a significant leap (it's owns Fools Journey) with the launch of a Kickstarter campaign, which remarkably achieved its funding goal in only 48 hours.  Once the Kickstarter funds were received in early 2021, Satori embarked on the stages of design, design for production, manufacturing, and fulfillment. The initial batch of decks was delivered to backers in October 2022, and the process of distributing all the rewards was successfully completed by October 2023.

We are thrilled to introduce the Golden Eclipse Tarot, a magickal and transformative tool designed for everyone, from tarot beginners to seasoned professionals. Whether used for personal reflection, professional readings, or ritualistic practices, this tarot deck offers a unique system and rich symbolism for insightful interpretations.

In these times of global unrest and personal uncertainty, the Golden Eclipse Tarot emerges as a beacon of hope and clarity. Amidst the world-wide quarantine, a collective spiritual crisis unfolded, leaving many feeling disconnected, adrift, and in search of deeper meaning. "What is my purpose? What lies ahead?" These are the questions that echoed in the hearts of many as they navigated through a world in turmoil. In this quest for connection and understanding, people turned to the mystical arts — finding solace in metaphysics, yoga, kundalini, astrology, tarot, and meditation. The Golden Eclipse Tarot stands as a testament to this quest, offering not just answers, but a path to self-empowerment, introspection, and healing. It is with great honor and a deep sense of responsibility that we present this magickal tool and system, meticulously crafted to aid in your journey of questioning reality, developing intuition, and progressing on your spiritual path.

Like The Fool in the Major Arcana embarking on an uncharted path, the Golden Eclipse Tarot invites you to begin your magickal journey with a leap of faith and a single step. This tarot deck is not just a set of cards; it's a gateway to self-discovery and mystical exploration, designed to guide and inspire tarot enthusiasts and spiritual seekers alike.



The Golden Eclipse is named after the merging of polar energies that occurs during a kundalini awakening — the process wherein evolutionary energy makes its way up the bodily chakras, or spiritual energy centers, on the inner path to enlightenment. This journey unites dualities, elevating the mind above the notion of separation.

In Alchemy, the eclipse represents the union of opposite forces: the sun, which symbolizes the masculine, and the moon, which symbolizes the feminine. This convergence mirrors the flow of kundalini energy, leading to unity consciousness, or oneness with the Universe. The unfoldment of this psycho-spiritual process provides the archetypal context for the Fool's Journey.

The Golden Eclipse system unveils the esoteric teachings of the Fool's Journey, and how the Tarot and Astrology is guided by the Hermetic principle 'As above, So below." Understanding one helps illuminate the other, making the Golden Eclipse a tool for enthusiasts of either or both mystic arts.

Whether you’re an Astrologer, a Tarot reader, or a knowledge seeker, the Golden Eclipse was created to illuminate your path and light your way.

The Fools Journey

The Fool’s Journey represents the soul’s ascension; the eternal, cyclic renewal of life, death, and rebirth, each day, week, month, year, and lifetime — as symbolized by the ouroboros, or the snake eating its tail. Just as the sun journeys through the cosmic heavens and illuminates each house of the zodiac, our internal, divine light partakes the same spiritual journey —  illuminating our path here on earth — as above, so below.

As the sun moves across the sky, each zodiac season and house contains a cosmic lesson and blessing, as well as challenges due to eclipses, that color our experiences here on earth. Each cycle gifts a lesson as it takes the soul through a process of purification and refinement.

The path of spiritual evolution contains doorways, which, upon opening, reveal Universal laws, lessons, and opportunities for growth. The spiritual keys to unlock each of these doors are discovered within the Major Arcana of the tarot. This is the cosmic process to which we are innately connected, as symbolically interpreted in the tarot.


Why Tarot & Astrology?

The Golden Eclipse® tarot deck merges tarot and astrology into a single, comprehensive tarot card system.

Every card in the Major and Minor Arcana of the Golden Eclipse deck features a zodiac wheel border, highlighting the astrological association of each card. If you have already studied astrology, then the Golden Eclipse tarot deck will deepen your existing understanding of how astrology connects with tarot. If you have already studied tarot, this system will broaden your understanding of Astrology and how both are dialects of the same Universal language.

Astrological correspondences give the tarot practitioner more symbolism, meaning and timing to work with. Likewise, Astrologers can use tarot symbolism and principles to provide a pictorial story.