Created by Marie Satori
Artwork by Carmen Seijas & Marie Satori

If you've been following Marie Satori or Carmen Seijas on Instagram this past year, you have been seeing glimpses into the journey of the Golden Eclipse Tarot

The seed of the Golden Eclipse Tarot was planted at the turn of the century (2000), and refined for the past twenty years. It wasn't until 2018, after connecting with Carmen, that the channeled vision was grounded into tangible illustrative form. We are honored to share with you this magickal tool and system; all designed for your intuitive development and spiritual journey. 

The system and symbolism of this tarot deck are designed to be translated by both beginners and professionals; in solo introspection, in professional service, and in rituals.

Just as The Fool in the major arcana, "Your spiritual journey beings with a single step and a leap of faith." 



Golden Eclipse

The Golden Eclipse tarot is named after the merging of polar energies that occurs during a kundalini awakening — the process wherein evolutionary energy makes its way up the bodily chakras, or spiritual energy centers, on the inner path to enlightenment. Part of this process entails the merging of dualities, enabling the mind to transcend beyond the perspective of separation.

In Alchemy, the eclipse represents the union of opposite forces: the sun, which symbolizes the masculine, and the moon, which symbolizes the feminine. Esoteric traditions purport that this merging of these two polar energy channels occurs where kundalini energy flows, and the awakening individual, or 'kundalite,' experiences states of unity consciousness, or oneness with the Universe. Through a kundalini awakening, the Higher Self emerges and the individual integrates the truth of his/her/their inherent divinity. The Kundalite thereby discovers the keys to discern the ancient symbolism veiled in the unfolding; an inner path that leads to cosmically-granted, intuitive gifts.



The Fools Journey

The Fool’s Journey represents the soul’s ascension; the eternal, cyclic renewal of life, death, and rebirth, each day, week, month, year, and lifetime — as symbolized by the ouroboros, or the snake eating its tail. Just as the sun journeys through the cosmic heavens and illuminates each house of the zodiac, our internal, divine light partakes the same spiritual journey —  illuminating our path here on earth — as above, so below.

As the sun moves across the sky, each zodiac season and house contains a cosmic lesson and blessing, as well as challenges due to eclipses, that color our experiences here on earth. Each cycle gifts a lesson as it takes the soul through a process of purification and refinement.

The path of spiritual evolution contains doorways, which, upon opening, reveal Universal laws, lessons, and opportunities for growth. The spiritual keys to unlock each of these doors are discovered within the Major Arcana of the tarot. This is the cosmic process to which we are innately connected, as symbolically interpreted in the tarot.

Why Tarot & Astrology?

Literally, every day we live in rhythm with the Universal energies. Why not awaken to the knowledge?

The illustrations in the Golden Eclipse Tarot are a homage to our Babylonian inheritance and Renaissance Astrology; where and when our attention turned upwards towards the sky.

The Babylonians developed a horoscope around 500 BCE, where each day of the week was assigned to one of the seven observable planets:

☉ the Sun / Sunday (The Sun),
☽ the Moon / Monday (the High Priestess),
♂ Mars / Tuesday (The Tower),
☿ Mercury / Wednesday (The Magician),
♃ Jupiter / Thursday (The Wheel of Fortune),
♀Venus / Friday (The Empress), and
♄ Saturn / Saturday (The World).

You already live in rhythm with the Universe and these planetary energies every day - why not awaken to their symbolic language?


Tarot, Astrology, and learning to read an ancient symbolic language 

Similar to the Egyptian hieroglyphs, the tarot is an ancient symbolic language. Learning to read the Tarot is learning how to read a 78-word language system (with the minors, reversals, and combinations as adjectives and descriptors). By learning the language, you can read stories and chapters from different people's lives and situations - including your own. The Major Arcana is the original 'tarot' and system, that corresponds to the qabalistic tree of life; and the twenty-two archetypal astrology energetic forces. All of these archetypes are pure energy, neither good nor evil. They are neutral, powerful, and potent energies - that can present themselves as either repressed (negative) or suppressed (positive) as these energies project out into our lives and experiences. Those who meditate on these images and tap into their unconscious, making the unconscious conscious, can neutralize and balance these archetypes and energies, radiating pure light out into the Universe.


“Everybody has a little bit of the sun and moon in them. Everybody has a little bit of man, woman, and animal in them. Darks and lights in them. Everyone is part of a connected cosmic system. Part earth and sea, wind and fire, with some salt and dust swimming in them. We have a universe within ourselves that mimics the universe outside. None of us are just black or white, or never wrong and always right. No one. No one exists without polarities. Everybody has good and bad forces working with them, against them, and within them."

- Suzy Kassem, Part Sun and Moon