Marie Satori

Marie Satori, a globally acclaimed psychic and medium known for her ability to predict future events down to the exact date. Born in Manhattan, New York. Marie’s educational background is equally as diverse as her heritage. She studied Fine Arts and Design at the State University of New York at Purchase and the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, New York. This blend of artistic and psychic skills forms the bedrock of her distinctive spiritual methodology. Of Eastern European and Sicilian descent, she carries the knowledge passed down from her ancestors and mentors. Marie Satori learned the tarot from an oral tradition at the age of eight years, then underwent an extensive eight-year apprenticeship. In 1995, Marie began her professional psychic career, starting with traditional brick-and-mortar, moving on to festivals, where she owned and operated seven intuition booths at the New York Renaissance Festival (NYRF) for over 16 years, to corporate events, retreats, remote sessions, and in-house practices.

For over the past three decades, Marie Satori has dedicated herself to sharing the wisdom she's gathered with others; with the goal of make occult studies more approachable for everyone. Her latest offering, the Golden Eclipse® tarot deck, guidebook and magickal system, is a testament to her lifelong commitment to aiding others on their spiritual journeys.