Crafted by the Italian atelier, famed for their work with the Vatican

Explore the future with the Golden Eclipse tarot created by Marie Satori, famous for predicting future events down to the exact date. This extraordinary tarot deck seamlessly blends tarot, astrology, and planetary magick, offering a window into the future like no other. It features 85 double-sided, hand-gilded cards by an Italian atelier known for its craftsmanship and work for the Vatican.

Astrology & Tarot

Every card, from the Major to the Minor Arcana, features a zodiac wheel and specific astrological correspondences. For astrology enthusiasts, the Golden Eclipse tarot becomes a visual narrative tool that beautifully complements their astrological practice. While, Tarot practitioners will discover how the deck's astrological aspects enhance their readings.

A Deck for Every Practitioner

Whether you're a seasoned astrologer or a tarot expert, the Golden Eclipse tarot deck promises to enrich your journey with every tarot card you draw.

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ecological consciousness

The Golden Eclipse tarot does more than predict the future – it respects and protects it. Produced to be eco-conscious: solar energy, food-grade inks and hand-crafted with slow production. Its created in limited batches, each necessitating a minimum of six months to craft, guarantees both the exclusivity and the high quality of the deck.