Quality Control: 200 units completed

Hi Everyone! I hope you're all doing well and taking advantage of these last few weeks to create summer memories. We are taking a huge sigh of relief knowing the project is being guided through the print production stages with such attention to detail; We know you will be as happy as we are with Golden Eclipse when it arrives :)


News & Updates

COVID & the Delta variant has been wreaking havoc with manufacturing processes throughout Europe. We need to remain mindful that the printers are working with limited staff due to covid - and we are waiting on information from the guilder to get an updated ship estimate. 


Aug. 4th, 2021, I had a 1.5 hr video conference with Giuseppe, the owner of the printing facility in Italy. The Covid-19 Delta variant still impacts their factory. They are working with limited staff due to quarantining either from sickness or exposure. The priority right now is on the health, safety measures, and quality of the production. The printers have been working diligently on the production. As of Aug. 4th, 2021, 200 units were printed and passed their first internal QC (Quality Control). 



What is QC? Each printed sheet goes through a series of QC /Quality Control processes before being die-cut and boxed. If a sheet does not pass these series of QC, it is discarded & recycled and reprinted.


On Aug. 9th, 2021 I received two random decks out of the 200 units for my internal QC process. These two random decks passed my QC process 🥳 🥳 🥳 👏👏 This is excellent news. The gold foil is spectacular! I tried my best to capture it in photos.




The next step in this journey:

  • The remaining tarot decks are being printed and each sheet goes through a QC process
  • When all units are finished printing, they are die-cut (cut into circles) and sent out to the guilder for the gold metallic edging. 
  • Once the golden metallic edge is completed by the guilder, the units are then shipped back to the factory.
  • Then the decks will be assembled, packed, and then headed off to New York.
  • Once the tarot decks are ready to be shipped to me in New York, I will then send out the survey to collect your final shipping addresses. I will ship your decks from New York.
  • For backers that live within the EU, your tarot deck will be shipped directly from the factory in Italy. 


Things that impact timing:

  • Covid-19 Delta Variant
  • In Europe, most companies go away on Holiday in Aug. and communication is delayed or slow.
  • It's Hot! 🔥 Italy may have registered Europe's hottest temperature on record High temperatures make paper expand and the machinery overheats (even w/ heat treated paper and AC).  On these extremely hot days, the paper expands and the registration becomes off (illustrations are not printed in the center) - so production slows or needs to stop altogether until temperatures cool back down.