Quick Update: In Production / Waiting on estimated ship date

Hi, I wanted to share a quick update - I've been waiting on information and I didn't want to let too much time lapse.

  • I am waiting on news for estimated shipping. The deck is in production, I was notified this morning Wed. June 23rd (see Fig 2 below) that the boxes are almost completed; and now they are working hard on the gold for the cards. The gold foil material arrived late last week - a delay with shipping. 
  • At the beginning of June (see Fig 1 below), I was also told that the prices for shipping have increased due to covid - the printer is investigating alternatives shipping. I'll update everyone once I have more news.
  • I'm considering using Backerkit for those of you who are interested in purchasing an additional deck at a reduced Kickstarter rate - as a gift for the upcoming holiday season. Backerkit takes a high % (estimated $2000) to use their services. So, prior to committing to using the service - please comment if you're interested in pre-ordering an additional deck. (Is there a poll feature on Kickstarter?)
  • Pins 🎉 We've also created a small batch of limited edition pins. Please comment to let us know if you're interested in these - I'm considering adding them as add-ons to Backerkit.
  • The meaning behind the name ☀️🌙 The Golden Eclipse Tarot

The Golden Eclipse tarot is named after the merging of polar energies that occurs during a kundalini awakening — the process wherein evolutionary energy makes its way up the bodily chakras, or spiritual energy centers, on the inner path to enlightenment. Part of this process entails the merging of dualities, enabling the mind to transcend beyond the perspective of separation.

In Alchemy, the eclipse represents the union of opposite forces: the sun, which symbolizes the masculine, and the moon, which symbolizes the feminine. Esoteric traditions purport that this merging of polar energy channels occurs where kundalini energy flows, and the awakening individual, or 'kundalite,' experiences fleeting states of unity consciousness or oneness with the Universe. Through a kundalini awakening, the Higher Self emerges and the individual integrates the truth of his/her/their inherent divinity. The Kundalite thereby discovers the keys to discern the ancient symbolism veiled in the natural movements of Universal energies, all by following an inner path that leads to cosmically granted, intuitive gifts.