Sample back from the Printers! 🤩✨

Hi everyone!

I'm excited to share photos of the sample Golden Eclipse tarot deck 🎉  The purpose of a sample is to proof the gold foil, packaging, materials, typography, and color/details of the cards, prior to mass production 😍 

🍃⚡ Everything is energy and we went green energy. We are working with an ecologically focused family-owned printer in Italy - the factory uses 100% solar energy in their production. The cards are also printed on 100% FSC certified paper with food-grade inks from the best European suppliers.

🌟 Double-sided gold foil: the illustrations within the Golden Eclipse tarot have very fine lines and fine details. There were many printers I spoke with, prior, that said these fine lines and details were not achievable with gold foil, and we should use ink instead. It wasn't an easy task, however, we did it! I am blown away by our results. 


🤓 Things we noticed and fixing: the printer saw that the brand new die purchased (used to cut the paper into round circles) on a few cards did not generate a smooth cut; some cards had white notches on the edges. You may see this in the images/video. The die was faulty, so we requested a new one from Switzerland. This is one example why you create a sample prior to running production.

 🤓 You may also notice some of the cards are not centered; this is expected on a sample run. It takes a few print cycles (wasteful of paper and ink to print only one deck) to adjust the registration. The final cards will go through a registration process (centering) during production.

Tarot Walkthrough:

  📦 The box ✨✨✨


🚀  The printers are still expecting an end-of-June print completion. If there are no unforeseen challenges (🤞), the printers will then ship the decks to me in New York; where I will then personally pack and ship to all backers.  I will be sending out the backer survey mid June. In the meantime, feel free to move to new homes as you please.

  Keep in mind with covid, there is always a possibility of delays (one of their factory workers came down with covid early May, and their production had to stop for a week, for example). However, the main hurdles seem to be behind us.

  As always, you can follow the journey on Instagram