Production Update: update on shipping, sharing card samples & varnishing effects

Hi everyone,

Time for another update. So, shortly after my last update, on March 10th, I was notified by our printers in Italy that there was a 🔥 fire at one of the largest cloud server farms, OVHcloud, in Europe. At the time the extent of the fire and damage was unknown, and this outage paused all production in the Italian factory.  

We are a few weeks delayed in production, we are now targeting an end-of-June ship date. As the printer is just now getting itself back up and running. They have a backlog of previous orders to complete.  I didn't notify Kickstarter sooner, because the situation was still unfolding, and the extend of the OVHcloud servers and length of downtime was unknown.

To expedite the shipping, I'm speaking with the printer about options on printing in smaller batches, so I can possibly ship in smaller groups. I am exploring this as an option. I do not know yet if this can be done. Once I know more, I will make a further update.

Fire in the news:

"A fire at a French cloud services firm has disrupted millions of websites, knocking out government agencies’ portals, banks, shops, news websites and taking out a chunk of the .FR webspace, according to internet monitors."


 Shiny new toys & new machinery! The cards will be printed in an ecological approach and with the latest technology. This is very exciting for Golden Eclipse will be a showcase piece for this new ecological printing technique for both the manufacturer of the machinery and the Italian printers. 


I'm going to share with you now some of the rejected sample prints. These are SAMPLES, they do not have the gold, die-cut, or matte black edges. The goal of these samples was to explore different papers types, textures and varnishing effects:


Guiseppe's hand: rugged varnish with texture, 350gsm white core paper (no gold yet - just testing varnish & paper)

I've been exploring texture. I want the cards to have a tactile feel, with a little less shine on the varnish. 


I am waiting on further samples, so I can share with you photos of the final paper, gold, and varnish cards.


The Golden Eclipse Tarot Packaging Design

A Magickal Journey, foretold by an ancient language, awaits inside.


*If you have any suggestions on the packaging design & wording. I have a small window of time to make changes to the layout.


*packaging was updated to fix spelling error of "language"