The first batch of tarot decks are at the gilder 📦🔮

Mon., Sept 12th 2022

TLDR; We are gilding and shipping in batches. The first batch of 400+ units went to the gilder on Aug 22nd, and full production resumed Sept 5th. As of today, the week of Sept 12th, I am waiting for an update for status-complete for gilding. Then, the following steps will be to close the survey and prep the decks and rewards for the first shipping batch (rinse and repeat).

🙏 Thank you for your support and patience – as we’re further in the process of delivering you the beautiful, powerful, gold foil deck that has been our vision throughout this project!!! 🙏

Summary of the current status

  • We are shipping in batches. The first 400+ units were sent on Aug 22nd to the gilder. The gilder notified us that the gilding process would go slower to maintain quality and avoid errors.
  • Production resumed Sept 5th. The technician to install the new machine arrived Sept 1st, and full production then continued. Read update #24 about the new machine.
  • Week of Sept 12th, I am waiting on the status complete for the first batch of decks from the gilder.
  • The decks will be sent by plane from manufacture/Italy to New York, then processed for delivery (to avoid cargo delays, etc.). Your deck will be shipped directly from within the EU if you live in the EU.
  • When will the next batch go towards gilding? I am waiting for the number of units, date, and estimated time for the next set.
  • When will the surveys close? I will close the surveys when the first batch of tarot decks returns to the manufacturer.

When will I get my add-ons and soft goods?

If your reward includes a t-shirt, hoodie, leggings, Shala membership, etc. a code for you to reclaim your reward will be sent AFTER the surveys close and I process everyone’s information.

Can I still get the softcover book and pin?

Yes, you can still add the physical book from the website or from and the Fools Journey pin as an add-on. Just include your backer # at checkout. Read update #14 about combined shipping.

How can I update my shipping address?

Kickstarter: use the Kickstarter website, not the app

* Website:

*for website pre-orders, you will be able to update your shipping address, even after Kickstarter surveys close.

📖 Don’t forget to download your digital e-booklet

The Golden Eclipse has a digital e-booklet that you can download as a PDF. The booklet is available in English, Spanish and Italian. It includes a lot of helpful information on how to use your deck:

  • How to read reversals with the Golden Eclipse Tarot
  • How to connect with your tarot deck
  • Description & keywords for the 7 kameas: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sol, Venus, Mercury, Luna
  • Major & Minor Arcana: Astrology correspondence, keywords for upright meaning, and reversals

Thank you for your support and patience!