[Oct Update] First batch of shipments can begin! 📦

Oct 12th, 2022

TLDR; The first batch of tarot 400 decks are in New York! 😭😭😭The first batch of tarot 400 decks has arrived in New York and is being packed and labeled for shipping. 167 rewards will ship out tomorrow, with more following. You will be emailed tracking information when your reward ships. 🔮 


Marie Satori with tarot cards


Golden Eclipse Tarot gilded edges

Golden Eclipse Tarot in boxes

Golden Eclipse Tarot

When will I get my add-ons and soft goods?
It is possible you can receive your tarot deck before you receive your code for add-ons, this is not an error. Suppose your reward includes a t-shirt, hoodie, leggings, Shala membership, etc. In that case, a code for you to reclaim your reward will be sent AFTER the surveys close, and I will receive the tarot decks and begin processing rewards. I estimate codes to begin going out middle of Oct. But if you have question, feel free to write me.

📖 Don’t forget to download your digital e-booklet

The Golden Eclipse has a digital e-booklet that you can download as a PDF.   Read update #14 to get the code to download.

The booklet is available in English, Spanish and Italian. It includes a lot of helpful information on how to use your deck:

  • How to read reversals with the Golden Eclipse Tarot
  • How to connect with your tarot deck
  • Description & keywords for the 7 kameas: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sol, Venus, Mercury, Luna
  • Major & Minor Arcana: Astrology correspondence, keywords for upright meaning, and reversals
Thank you! Gracias! Grazie!