The first batch of 400 units have all shipped 📦 🥳

TLDR; All tarot decks from the first batch have shipped, and backers have started to receive their rewards. 📦 Please check your email for the tracking number 📦 The second batch is in production, and I will post another update when the decks have been sent out to the gilder.

  How was your weekend? Mine was coffee-fueled late nights and early mornings, and I had a great time packing and wrapping your rewards (seriously, it was fun!). It's incredible to know the first batch shipped: 400 tarot decks were sent to 372 backers.

 Thank you for being here from the beginning of this journey! I am so grateful to have had your support for this project! Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions about the Golden Eclipse tarot deck now that some of you have received one!
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Summary of the current status

  • The first 400 decks shipped on Monday, Oct 17th
  • When will the next batch go towards gilding? The second batch is in production and awaiting the ship date and quantity.
  • If you did not supply it or there are errors with your shipping address, I will contact you directly.

 When will I get my add-ons and soft goods? If you are part of this first batch of shipments and have a tanktop, hoodie, leggings, or Shala membership as an add-on, I will send you a code to claim your reward within the next two weeks.

📖 Don’t forget to download your digital e-booklet! The Golden Eclipse has a digital e-booklet that you can download as a PDF. The booklet is available in English, Spanish and Italian.

  🐇Want to dive deep down the rabbit hole? I've composed a 433-page book available on Amazon, in hardcover, paperback, and kindle, that supports the symbolism in the Golden Eclipse tarot deck, tarot meanings, tarot spreads that I utilize in my business, and a how-to-read-tarot guide. In addition to mapping the Fool's Journey to a Kundalini awakening, this book covers tarot/astrology correlations, zodiac seasons, ancient planetary rulers, planetary manifestation, and magick utilizing the seven planetary kameas which come with the deck.