July to Aug update: EU holidays, printer and gilder aligning schedules

Hi Everyone,

I expect to have an actionable update after Aug 22nd, in the meantime, I'm keeping the surveys open for people who want/need to change their shipping address. 

Since mid-June, the printer and gilder have been negotiating timelines and the number of units for each batch to be sent for gilding; prior to the Aug holidays.  The gilder is now closed for holidays until Aug 22nd.

In early July, the production ran into challenges with color; where the sheets started to print off color. The printer immediately paused production for 1.5 weeks in July to troubleshoot the error (see images below). The error was fixed around July 11th, and I'm very happy the error was caught immediately, little waste in paper, or sent for gilding. 

As this was happening, the gilder increased the min. number of units for the first batch of gilding, which the printer was shy roughly 200 units prior to the gilder closing for Aug holidays. With that said, gilding stops when on holiday and the production process would have been paused either way.

The printer purchased a new laminating machine which arrived last week. This machine will increase production time. I spoke with the printer yesterday (even though they are closed this week),  and they are setting up the machine to being as soon as their team is back from holiday.

EU Holidays

  • The guilder is closed from Aug 1st - Aug 22nd
  • The printer is closed for 1 week from Aug 4th - Aug 10th

Next Steps

  • Test-run of the new laminating machine (if challenges, stay with original method)
  • Restart production on Aug 10/11th (update Fri Aug 12th: printer is waiting for training from the supplier to resume production, supplier returns from holiday Aug 22nd)
  • Status update w/ Printer the week of Aug 15th - 19th to ensure units are ready for gilding (update Fri Aug 12th: will call printer to see how we can move forward with printing while waiting on supplier)
  • Status update from gilder week of Aug 25th to confirm when gilding will begin (est. 3 weeks for gilding)

Thank you,