Production update, estimated shipping and how to change your shipping address

Production Update: May 2nd 2022

TLDR; We are further in production and over 800 out of the 2,000 decks have been printed. The estimated time for sending the 2000 units to the guilder is the week of June 13th. Note: it will take an estimated minimum of three to four weeks for gilding. Estimating end of summer shipping.

After the production printing milestone is reached, the next steps before reaching your hands are: 

  • Gilding the sides of the decks (involves shipping to a 3rd party, then returning them)
  • Packaging them into the boxes (the boxes are already finished)
  • Receiving completed sets from the printer
  • Shipping out to each of you

When will the deck ship? 

I need to receive the date when the decks will ship and return from the gilder, and then can make a shipping estimate/update. I will know these dates after the production run has finished printing the 2000 units. 

Thank you for your support and patience – we’re getting back on track to deliver you the beautiful, powerful, gold foil deck that has been our vision throughout this project.


How can I change my shipping address?

If you have backed the Kickstarter, the surveys to enter your shipping address is still open. You will need to use the Kickstarter website (not their app) to access the survey to change your shipping address.

How to update your shipping address on Kickstarter

If you pre-ordered through the website and have already moved and you need to update your shipping address, go to your order page:

1) Find and open your order confirmation email 

2) Click on the button "View your order", this will bring you to your order page.

This will bring you to your order confirmation page.

3) Scroll down to Customer information, click on the button "Update Address".

4) You will then be brought to a page where you can change your shipping address.

5) Update your shipping address in the form on the left, and then click "Update Address" to save. Simple as that!

Thank you,