[March Update] QC Passed: Second Batch of Tarot Decks (350 Units) Ready for Shipping

March 2023

I have received five (5) random decks from this batch, and I have approved the shipment of 350 units. 🚀 

The second batch of tarot decks has completed the Quality Control (QC) inspection, and 350 units have been approved and are being prepared for shipping. This batch includes Kickstarter international and domestic rewards.

Behind-the-scenes update: I am updating shipping addresses for backers and will continue to do so over the weekend. The printer and I are finalizing dropshipping arrangements, intending to start to drop-ship international orders

Project status: Our Kickstarter campaign has successfully raised funds for 2,000 tarot decks. Of these, 873 tarot decks are designated as rewards for our 842 dedicated backers. As mentioned in Update #29, we've already delivered the first batch of 400 units. In this update, we've highlighted the progress of the second batch of 350 units, which have passed QC and are now awaiting shipment. The remaining 123 rewards are being produced as part of the third batch, which is currently being laminated, and will fulfill the remaining Kickstarter rewards - and begin fulfilling Website Pre-Orders.

A heartfelt thank you for your ongoing support and patience. We're inching closer to the finish line of this project.