[May Update] International Shipping, Domestic Shipping and a countdown to completion and celebration

I hope this message finds you all well. I’m a little late with my monthly updates, I explain the reasons below.

As Carmen and I approach the exciting finish line of fulfilling all our Kickstarter rewards and wrapping up this educational Kickstarter experience, we want to keep you all closely connected to the process. Beginning with this update and extending into June, I’ll post a series of consecutive updates.

Global Shipping Update

There are a few international rewards to be drop shipped. The printer is still updating its shipping system to support Japan (some cities), Guam, Israel, Chile, and Barbados. I will post another update when your orders have been processed for shipping. 

Domestic Shipping (USA) Update

I'm truly sorry that the 2nd batch of domestic decks, due for shipment in late April, has not been sent out yet. I had surgery a few months ago, and I experienced a serious setback after my last Kickstarter update in early April, leading to a loss of mobility. This brought about an increase of PT, and medical appointments and was accompanied by considerable pain. Honestly, the physical and mental fatigue blurred my perception of time… Thankfully, in the past few days, I’ve started to regain some ground and am beginning to feel more like myself. 

For the remaining 2nd batch of domestic shipments, I have two plans for shipping based on my mobility. If it improves, I'll enlist the help of friends and family to process orders. If not, I'll drop ship from Italy. I will personally cover any additional costs involved w/ dropshipping. I’ll have a decision by June 1st/next week.

Next Steps

The remaining domestic/US orders from the 2nd batch are expected to ship the week of June 12th, so stay tuned for that.

A Countdown to Completion and Celebration

Also, our 3rd batch of 500 units is in the final stages of production and is set to be sent to the gilder the week of June 5th. It's about a 5-week process, so we're looking at a shipping the remaining rewards end of July.

Here's the best part: once these 500 units are out the door, Carmen and I will have fulfilled all Kickstarter orders and website pre-orders. We can't wait for that day to celebrate!

Shala & Workshop

Then, we can get to the fun stuff. …. embark on our magickal studies and rituals together! The Shala is being infused with fresh, enriching content. Simultaneously, I am constructing an enlightening workshop for you, our backers. This workshop is designed to guide you on integrating Tarot into sacred rituals, thus igniting a spark of magick in your daily lives.


Altar for Luna: Lunar Rituals for New Moons, Full Moons, and Daily Practices
The altar is the center of your ritual chamber, a symbol of the stationary Earth at the heart of the Ptolemaic universe (or geocentric model), with you, the conjurer, standing at the very center of all creation. They are placed on the altar in the shape of a cross, with a ritual candle burning at their center, in the space between them. Each ace represents one of the four elements. You may surround each ace with tangible objects that further represent these elements and empower your rituals - a cup of water to symbolize the Ace of Cups, a candle for the Ace of Wands, herbs or minerals to represent the Ace of Pentacles, and incense for the Ace of Swords.