Sept. News - Shipping Update

Posted Sat. Sept. 25th 2021

TL;DR - I will send out surveys and know the final start date for shipping within these next two weeks. Please review your shipping address info and double-check that all details are correct and up to date. This update is the first in a series of multiple campaign surveys & shipping updates.
Hi everyone! I wanted to let you know where things are at with estimated shipping for the Golden Eclipse tarot. I receive many comments asking about the project's status, sending out the survey, and when we will begin shipping.
I realize we've hit a lot of otherworldly bumps in the road: warehouse fire, covid-19 delta variant, global warming in Aug. causing printing machines to overheat and paper to warp, hurricane Ida hitting New York flooding my storage warehouse - each month brings with it some new surprises.
If we look back to June 2021, when the printer started exploring the production - in a little over 3.5 months, we've collectively envisioned, funded, and produced an artisanal tarot deck. The production process is very manual. Each sheet of paper goes through multiple passes through the machine: gold foil, ink overlay, matte finish. Each sheet is inspected before being die-cut and then sent to the gilder to apply the gold edging. It truly is a work of art.
Now, to the good stuff - working together with the printer, we re-negotiated the gilder's agreement to have the tarot decks sent and gilded in batches, a few hundred at a time. When each set finishes, the printer ships the completed batch, in intervals, to get us to begin the shipping process sooner.
🙌 Kickstarter surveys will be sent out within the first two weeks of Oct. Please review your shipping address info and double-check that all details are correct and up to date. 🙌
Shipping Process: I will be shipping by the Kickstarter backer number. If you are Backer #1, you will be the first out the door, and so on.
When will my deck ship out? I am very mindful not to underestimate the shipping start date. I will know within two weeks how many decks will be ready, the cadence of the batches and when the shipment process will begin.
Kickstarter Backers: for all Kickstarters Backers, consider this the first of many announcements in the next two weeks.

Website Pre-orders: Pre-orders from the website will be processed and sent after all Kickstarter Backers received their rewards.

Backers who live within the EU, I have arranged to have your tarot card rewards shipped from within the EU.

International Backers (Non-EU):  Due to COVID19 shipping times have varied. International shipments may take 4 - 6 times longer than normal to arrive at their final destination. Once the tarot deck leaves the USA, the timeline for delivery is out of my control.

Thank you for your support and backing of our project! We are making magick happen!