Digital e-booklet included with your Golden Eclipse tarot deck


You've been asking for a companion booklet - we heard you! Now included with each Golden Eclipse Tarot deck is a 169-page e-booklet for quick references.

NEW* a digital 169-page e-booklet is included with your order.

*All Kickstarter Backers & pre-orders will receive an invite and code to download.

This digital e-booklet is included free, with backing, pre-order or purchase of the Golden Eclipse Tarot deck.

  • How to read reversals with the Golden Eclipse Tarot
  • How to connect with your tarot deck
  • Description & keywords for the 7 kameas: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sol, Venus, Mercury, Luna
  • Major & Minor Arcana: Astrology correspondence, keywords for upright meaning and reversals


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 The Golden Eclipse Tarot Book, now available on Kindle and paperback

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Also available for continued study (sold separately), a 467 page Golden Eclipse Tarot Guidebook online at or and is available in paperback, or Kindle.