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Pin: The Fool


The Fool Pin - Spiritual journey, faith over fear

In the Major Arcana, the card for The Fool has no number or is numbered 0, representing both her omnipresence in the tarot and the notion of infinite potential. 

The Fool represents a new phase and beginning in your spiritual journey. The Fool also represents the Spirit's descent into physical existence. Representing the "birth" of the soul, The Fool is the perfect blank slate for she has yet to develop a clear personality. She is the symbol of innocence as her journey to come will shape her character; hence, she is traditionally depicted as naked, just as the Biblical first couple was. She leans on her faith and trusts that the Universe and divine Source will guide her on her journey, symbolizing faith in the divine over fear.  

The Fool begins her journey at the top of a cliff, symbolizing the spirit's descent into physical existence. Her head raised towards the heavens, where she seeks divine guidance. She walks barefoot, symbolizing the spiritual pilgrimage and journey she is on.  In her right hand, she holds a flower, symbolizing the opening or blossoming of the crown chakra. The cat at her feet, warns her of possible danger ahead, her ‘familiar’; further symbolizing psychic development, rebirth, and resurrection, as cats are proverbially recognized as having nine lives. The mountains in the background represent the further peaks she needs to climb in her journey. The rising sun, symbolizes the first rays of the Cosmic Day, new beginnings; and The Fools self-developing consciousness.

Height: 50 mm /  1.9685″
Zinc alloy
  • Polished

  • Rubber Clutch Backing


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