How to close and put away your tarot deck

In my mentorship I was taught "the Sun & Moon" method for cleaning and storing my tarot deck. I don't believe this method had an official title or name. However, my mentor taught me that we place the sun on the bottom and the moon on the top - and in the process, turning any cards that were reversed back to it's upright position. This method was helpful for it used the energy of the tarot cards to cleanse itself; plus if you didn't have any incense, or are sensitive to the burning smell of smoke.

Step 1 - Tarot deck with The Sun & The Moon separated

To close your Golden Eclipse tarot deck, find and set aside the two Major Arcana cards, the Sun and the Moon, from the rest of your deck.

As you sort through your tarot deck looking for the Sun and Moon, turn upright all cards that reversed themselves during the reading.

Step 2 - The Sun on the bottom of the pile & The Moon on the top.

Now, place the Moon on top of the deck, facing up towards you, and the Sun on the bottom of the pile. The theory is that the Sun shines his cleanings light throughout the deck, and the Moon reflects this cleansing energy back down, cleansing and protecting your tarot cards.


Step 3 - Combine the upright cards

You can choose to further cleanse your deck (ex: smoke, crystal, sunlight, etc.), wrap it in a cloth, or back into its packaging.

Step 4 - Place deck back in the box, or wrap in cloth (preferably silk)