Introducing 'As Above, So Below: A Guide to Astrology for Tarot Readers'

In our search for deeper understanding, astrology and tarot have served as sacred arts. Their symbologies and interpretations pave the way for introspection and growth. But what if these two could intertwine, offering a holistic perspective? Marie Satori's new book, 'As Above, So Below: A Guide to Astrology for Tarot Readers,' does precisely that. Drawing upon the Hermetic principle 'as above, so below,' Satori illuminates the connection between astrology and tarot, emphasizing that understanding one enriches the understanding of the other.

My sense of 'purpose in life' is rooted in the belief that every living thing carries within it a sacred blueprint. Much like an acorn knowingly cradles the destiny of an oak within its shell and not that of a pine, it intuitively knows the spiritual trajectory and life path meant for it.

This knowing recalls the ancient Greek concept of ‘anamnesis’, which means ‘remembrance.’ This concept posits that learning is a form of remembering, a reawakening to truths that our souls knew before we were born but have since forgotten in our earthly existence. In this light, our inner self doesn’t just guide us — it reawakens us to our true nature and purpose.

Our inner self acts as a mentor, helping us evolve and transformation. In the same way that a blueprint outlines the specifics for a building's construction, we too have a guiding structure—a natal chart. This chart represents an agreement with the universe, outlining who we're meant to become and the path we should follow to get there.

If you're interested in astrology, tarot, or both, this book is a great resource to expand your knowledge of the mystic art, and yourself.


About The Author
Marie Satori is a globally acclaimed psychic and medium known for her ability to predict future events down to the exact date. For over three decades, Satori has dedicated herself to breaking the taboos of occult studies, to make them more approachable for all.