The Tarot: an ancient art of storytelling

“What makes it so interesting and valuable to occultists is the fact that [tarot] is a book, written in the language of numerical and pictorial symbolism. It teaches the principles of that hidden wisdom, older than history, which the sages of each generation have handed down to those coming after them who were duly and truly prepared to receive it. This doctrine was taught in the temple-schools of India, Persia, and Egypt; has been dramatized in the mysteries of Greece, in the Roman Catholic Mass, and in the rituals of Freemasonry; is veiled by innumerable sacred allegories and parables, concealed in creeds, and obscured by the dogmas of theologians; and it will always be, through all changes in its manner of presentation, the living spirit of truth behind the letter of exoteric religion and philosophy.”

- Paul F. Case, The Secret Doctrine of the Tarot

Learning to read the tarot is learning the ancient art of storytelling. The Golden Eclipse tarot is named after merging polar energies during a kundalini awakening — the process wherein evolutionary energy makes its way up the bodily chakras, or spiritual energy centers, on the inner path to enlightenment. Part of this process entails merging dualities, enabling the mind to transcend beyond the perspective of separation. As you will see, this psycho-spiritual process is omnipresent throughout the deck, providing the archetypal context for the Fool's Journey, as told through the cards and represented in the various modalities that informed the creation of the Golden Eclipse tarot deck. The Golden Eclipse tarot and guidebook is a tool for the spiritual seeker, paralleling the sacred process that is undergone via Spirit and Ego, and reflected universally through the movements of the cosmos.

In Alchemy, the cosmic eclipse represents the union of opposite forces as heavenly bodies: the sun, which symbolizes the masculine, and the moon, which symbolizes the feminine. Esoteric traditions purport that this inward merging of polar energy channels within the self occurs where kundalini energy flows, and the awakening individual, or Kundalite, experiences fleeting states of unity consciousness, or oneness with the Universe. Through a kundalini awakening, the Higher Self emerges and the individual integrates the truth of her/his/their inherent divinity. During this process, the Kundalite inherently unlocks the keys to discern the ancient symbolism veiled in the natural movements of Universal energies, all by following the inner spiritual path that leads to cosmically-granted, intuitive gifts. This path — with its challenges and insights that come as the human ego is asked to relinquish its grip on reality, making way for Spiritual integration — is the story told by the Golden Eclipse Tarot.

The Golden Eclipse Tarot pays homage to their Babylonian inheritance and roots in Hellenistic Astrology, dating back to when our attention turned upwards towards the sky. The Golden Eclipse tarot and guidebook seeks to integrate two ancient symbolic languages of Tarot and Astrology into one tarot card-based system. Each card thus depicts the zodiac wheel and corresponding planetary energy. We exist in rhythm with these planetary energies already. Awakening to their symbolic language will simply broaden your perspective, opening your eyes to a new, previously hidden facet of reality.